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Something sweet and different

Dhenkanal is a small town in Orissa, we can walk down the lane which is only 4-5 Km at stretch, the whole market. As we go, you can see only Golguppa, vada and pakoda vendors. It seems people’s taste buds for street food are only stuck with it. But there was one who was different from the group, in the middle of the market, a Jalebi-wala.

A young boy in his early teen, selling Jalebi in a push-cart. Though it was just a push-cart it has everything that was needed for his business. A cauldron with hot oil, burning charcoal, sugar syrup and a wonderful smile. “I earned around Rs.200 a day,” said Santosh Yadav, who is from Bihar. “I sell every night around at least 2 Kg of Jalebi, people love it to be served hot, so I keep everything ready and make them in presence of them”. Though he says that he take good care of hygiene, but some flies or insect can be seen stuck on his sweet. “I came to Orissa two years back, with my brother who was already here.” Through him came to know that almost all the vendors here are from Bihar. And most of them sell Golguppa but he and his brother decided to sell Jalebi , so that they can have a better business.

Was it a good a business venture or not, future will tell, but people are happy to enjoy his sweet and he selling them.

(Published in IIMC Lab Journal, 2009-10)


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