Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

My Hero

Beggar Delhi

One day, on my way to college, while I was waiting for the bus, I saw my hero. A person with never die attitude, lives life to the fullest extends. Hard as rock, strikes down the villain in one punch. Ever ready to have one on one, I mean fair fight, whoever comes against him, romantic enough to run around the trees and inside the bushes with a love song in the background.

As an individual, I take myself nothing in comparison with all those living legends and heroes of the past. But the day I saw my hero, my life changed, gave me courage to fight on and hope to dream high. Whenever I see him, only one question that comes into my mind, “Why can’t I, if he can?” If the one who didn’t know what was in his past and what will be his future can live happily, by taking the life as it comes to him, then what am I complaining about? I have everything, in comparison to his little drum, steel container, iron-ring, drawn moustache on the lips and many dreams for better life. Taking all his treasure in a bag, he starts his hunt for a stage. He takes them out, and shows his talent and whatever he can do with them.

At the end, ask for something in return and the person with the bulging back pocket says, “I don’t have money.” Then this little hero without any complain, goes to the next, and next, then next until someone gives him out of pity. And his mission against the villain of this world doesn’t end there. He takes out everything again and does the same stunt in front of different group of people, until he has enough to fill his tummy. He knows that he’ll have to come back again and to the same thing next day, but still he always carries big smile on his face at the end of the day. If a film should be made on his true life, I’m sure enough that the film will be super hit, and break all the records in box office. But no director would ever want to take a chance of trying this story. Because people want a love story, a story in which the hero has always a happy ending. But we forget that in this world there is always someone who goes to sleep, empty stomach. There is always someone who is living a worse life in comparison with you. So, let’s stop complaining and be happy with whatever we have, and make best use of it. Salute, to my Hero.

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