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German luxury car-maker Audi opens its show room in south Delhi

Located at Mathura road, Audi showroom stands out from all, it looks like a solid mass of aluminum. According to the architect Romesh Sapra, “we have tired to keep the design simple and have used very less cut-outs in exteriors as we want to concentrate more on the cars. The purpose of using honey comb aluminum facades is that its eco friendly and maintenance free, on that Audi was one of the first to use aluminum facades in car.”

The interiors are kept very simple in black and white dynamic curves, which connect the ceiling and the wall. The black part signifies road, so all the cars are kept on the road and the white part is consumer’s zone. And when you look up, the lightings are more like stars in the sky. So the idea is like you are on a long drive in a clear sky night. “All the design patterns are standard worldwide, we are following the CICD (Corporate Interior and Corporate Design) Technology guidelines by Audi. We have done 14 outlets all over the India keeping that in the mind,” says Romesh Sapra.

There is a separate platform for a highlighted car, product which is on special display. All the related information of the product is on the LCD screen next to it. As one walks in further there is communication platform or reception counter where one can interact with sales executive. Then you have a waiting area where all the Audi related programs are on display which is hot-wired directly from Germany. Just next to it is a section for kids to hang around when the parents are finalizing the deal.

There is also something for those who want their cars to be exclusive. Audi exclusive, one can customize the car interior according to his taste and needs. Everything will be done in Germany which will take six to eights months to be delivered. You can also have Audi merchandise from their coffee shop. One interesting facts about the showroom is they have a room for ceremonies and rituals if one likes to do it just before taking the car home.

After these you can take stairs or escalator to have the upper view of the car on display. And on the second floors its corporate office where one is given the premium feels. All furnishing are imported from the Germany and tiles from Italy. Apart from some flower pots in the glass cubicles, everything is in straight line and simple with nothing much on walls. “Audi cars are so beautiful that you don’t need anything else to be around,” says the architect.

(Published in Society Interiors June ’11, Page no.183)


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