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Reaching for the sky

After staying away from the big screen for a while Mukul Dev is back, this time to touch the sky with his flying academy “Soar” and with the film Yamla Pagla Deewana.

Many don’t have dream start in their career like Mukul Dev had. Staring with Miss Universe and directed by Mahesh Bhatt, what else you can ask for? Then now days he is back in the news again, he is coming up with a flying school. And that his role in Yamla Pagla Deewana is appreciated by the audience. So we tried to catch up with him and know what really going on his side. He was late and the excuse was slept late because of the success party of his latest movie. Never mind I can understand, after all ‘success’ is what we all are running after. So we got settled down in sofa of his institute which is at Chirag Delhi. With greetings and apologies we started our conversation.

We began with his latest venture, “I am coming up with the flying school with the help of Captain UC Gupta, who is a senior veteran commander in Indian Airlines. He gave wings to my dream. This academy is going to be a place where everything about aviation is under one roof. Unfortunately in India the aviation schools classes and modules are very basics, more like giving private tuitions in living room or bedroom. They don’t have the ambiance which is required for the student to come and feel that they are pilots. The idea is to academies the whole process of their studying about the aviation and makes them feel that they are going to fly planes.” When asked why he joined Bollywood instead of flying, “in early nineties recession was going on in our country. I tried to join Sahara, they used to have two aircraft. I was in the process, but unfortunately one of its aircraft crashed in Delhi airport. And it was because of that crash, 40-50 young pilots standing didn’t get the job. Getting job at that time was not easy, but destiny smiled at me at some level. Some director thought that am good looking fellow and I can be an actor. After working with Mahesh Bhatt in Dastak I got a good reception in the industry, so it was not possible for me to say “No” to films.”

Mukul Dev recently did a film Yamla Pagla Deewana with Deol family and was loved by audience in his role as drunkard. According to him, “Working with Deols was like working with the family. They are Punjabi and so am I, so we gel really well. Sunny is a thorough gentlemen but he is little shy in nature. Dharm uncle is 75 but he is still very handsome and fit. After the movie, Bobby and I have become very good friends, we spend around 3-4 months together in Patiala.” Many of us do not know that he is the younger brother of Rahul Dev who is also a Bollywood actor. “Rahul is much better actor then me, he is more dedicated and focused. He is a kind of actor who can excel even if director is not upto the mark. But for me director has to be good to bring best out of me,” said the actor. They did a film together in Love in Kashmir in 1998, Amrish Puri in the star cast which never got released. Before saying adieus, I asked him, would we be seeing more of him in coming days on screen and is there anything else he likes to do other then film and flying? With full excitement like a child, “I’ve one film coming up directed by Devang Dholkia, name Zoom and  another under Ram Gopal Verma’s banner “Money Money more Money.” Then I have signed a film with Vivek Vashwani who is a producer in Bollywood.” “Apart from acting the only thing I know to do is how to fly. For me aviation is something that I can never leave. I’ll always be connected with it for the rest of my life. No matter what, like they say, “Once a pilot, always a pilot.”

( Published in Society March ’11, Page No.120 )


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