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When all the stars came together…


On Jan 20, Stardust’s February issue was unveiled by Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai Bachchan at China Garden, The Ashoka.

As the guests were coming in, they were photographed with a huge Stardust banner behind. Some of the early birds were Mehar Bhasin host of the evening, designer Neena Singh and actor Nasser Abdullah. As the waits continue cocktails and starters were on the full roll. After some while Mehar took control of the stage and asked the audience to guess the most loved couple of the country, whose names starts with ‘A’ and surnames with ‘B.” Lights were dimmed and dancer started dancing on medley of songs from Abhishek and Ashwariya Bachchans’s films. Abhishek came on the stage wearing black jacket, followed by Ashwariya in wine red suit embroidered with gold. Shibani Kashyab gave a surprise to them by singing Oodi from Gujarish for her and a song from Bluffmaster for him. Abhishek also sang the male part with Shibani but in between suddenly his voice came out while he was not singing. That surprises him and also revealed a secret that he was just lip-syncing.

Then power couple with Nari Hira chairman Magna Publication released the issue with the big cover of the magazine behind them. Taking the opportunity Abhishek, “I would like to thank Ashwin Varde without him it would not have been possible. Well done!” Asking him to join them on the stage, “come tell the audience that how much cooperative we were and also how punctual we were.” On contrary Ashwin gave all the credit to Abhishek to which he said, “I make it happen and she makes it watch able,” pointing at his wife. “It was Ashwin and our mutual concern effort to make this happen. A great team work, photo was taken by Jatin and make up done by Mickey. What time can be better then this, just a new year has began and it’s the eve of valentines. It was very generous of you to think that we deserve this.” said Aishwariya.

Next session began with a short talk with Mehar Bashin. Abhishek shared some his thought, “it feels good when people come and ask for your autograph and photo. But when you go home and when Mr. Bacchan open doors that very moment he shows me my right place. At home everything is very normal.”  According to Aishwariya on pressure being a star, “well whatever I do I give my best and that was how I was brought up. When there is commitment and when you believe in that, then you can do anything. And then, why Bachchan family is not working together? “We would love to work together but it seems nobody thinks that we are worthy to be cast together,” candidly Abhishek. “But again there should be something that will excite us all together.”

Then Mehar gave the time to the media for Q&A. Somebody asked him that does he miss the normal life, always being in media scrutiny? “Well what we are doing right now is our profession and this is a part of our normal life. I grew up like a normal kid, we were not allowed to read Stardust. I started reading Stardust when I was eighteen. Well my first party was also Stardust at Kyber restaurant back in 1994, Nari uncle will know. No matter what, you will be carried if you are not careful, its upto you.” And about their valentine plan, “we will sit down near a warm fireplace and read Stardust,” which made a big roar of laugh in the audience.

Evening ended with the husband and wife giving away bookie of flower to Pradeep Dhoot from Videocon and Nelson and Henry wong of China Garden.

( Stardust-supplement. March ’11 )


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