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Charging Ahead

He was not selected for World Cup squad. But he is not giving up, taking it on his stride and waits for right time to come back. Society gets candid with Ishant Sharma to know more about him as a regular guy.

Body: He was walking casually like normal college goers in T-shirts and jeans. But one thing make him out from the crowd was that he was the tallest (1.95 meters) and all them were looking at him. On the second glance it was the Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma. At last he was there for the event at a sports store in Delhi.

As he takes his seat, media started hurling bouncer to the ace bowler with their questions. However, he was in no hurry, with a smile he obliged to all the questions, “I never thought to be a cricketer. I just played for fun but one uncle of mine noticed me. He suggested taking up cricket seriously as I have a good height. Then I joined a club and my coach saw my potential, after some time I got selected for the Delhi team. I am thankful to my family and coach for always supporting me.”

Remembering the day when he met legend cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, “What do I say about him? He is the God of cricket. I am just 22 years old and that much years he has played for the country. I still remember when I made a debut in Bangladesh in 2007. We were having our fielding drills. He came and told me how to pick up the ball, I just can’t believe my eyes. Sachin Tendulkar was standing in front of me, I just kept staring at him.”

Every player’s dream is to play for the country in World Cup. But the selectors and fate thought something else for him.  “It’s hard! Still it is a part and partial of sportsman life, you have to accept it. I am looking forward to play again for the country. Doing regular practice and working hard on my fitness. That’s all I can do and hope for the best. Cricket is a passion for me. It doesn’t matter whether I am playing for the state, country or club, all I want is to ball fast.”

So he does loose his cool as a bowler when hit around the ground. Recently in a domestic match he and Robin Uttappa were fined for their verbal exchange on the ground. “It just happened in the heat of the moment. I was hit over the boundaries, so I told him that he should hit down on the ground. And he replied me back that it’s his way of playing. Nothing serious, its all sort out,” with a laugh says the bowler. “These days there is nothing much for the bowler in 20-20 and One day format. You just need to have variation and I take it as a challenge. But in Test you can come back and to well in your next spell.”

Moving away from cricket, he loves to stay home and spent time with family. Eat Rajma chawal cooked by his mom. And this ‘lambu’, his nick name, loves the song Tujhe Dekha Toh… from DDLJ. “I am not an out going person, I like to be home with family or friends and chit chat. I love to sleep, if I am not playing then I wake up very late like around 11–12. These days I have started meditation, it takes out my stress.”

At the end, the question all the girls would like to know, is he single? “I am very much single and not getting hitched very soon. I am still young, will think about it after 5-6 years.” So all the ladies out there you still got a chance. And also we hope that he does well in IPL, this season he will be taking his ground for Deccan Charger. All the best!

(Published in Society April ’11, Page No. 100)


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