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Born to Ride

Founder Members (1)Meet Ikjot Singh Bhasin so much in love with bikes that he almost lost his life for it. Co-founder of only cruiser bike club in the country and even John Abraham borrows his machine.

After a major accident in his family, Ikjot Singh Bhasin was initially not allowed to ride but ironically his first machine was Honda 400cc. Latter on he himself had three accidents where he punctured his lungs, broke his collarbone and rib bones. But that didn’t stop him but started a bike club, ‘Born 2 Ride’. “An uncle of mine had a major accident so there was a long hault to motorcycling in my family. However I was lucky, I started with a foreign made machine when I was eighteen years old. After that I had a Yamaha RD 350. Today to be precise, I have been riding for seventeen years. I still have the Royal Enfield and Yahama RD 350 with me, in those days they were the good bikes made by India,” says Ikjot Singh Bhasin sitting in his petrol pump office in Hari Nagar, Delhi.

Some of the mean machine which Ikjot Singh Bhasin own are 1971 Jawa, 1969 Royal Enfield, 2010 Royal Enfield Classic 500, 1984 Yamaha 350, Harley Davidson XR 1200, Triumph Speed Triple, Honda Goldwing, Ducati Monster and Yahama Fino Scooter. “Well I used to have the only MV Augusta 312 in the country. However, of all the bikes I am very passionate about Honda Gold Wings. This machine gives you pleasure, safety, speed and control, it’s a package of everything. I had four of them one after another, right now I have cherry color 2008 with Air Bag Top model,” says the thirty-eight years old bike fanatic.

Once Ikjot had to lend his Yahama R6 to John Abraham as the actor’s bike was on wait. “I came in touch with him as he was the brand ambassador of Yamaha. He is a true gentleman and a thorough rider. When I went to pick up my bike and deliver John’s R1, he told me that a friend was interested about the bike. But I was keener in getting it back then a deal over there.” Latter on according to the stories the friend of John Abraham was none other then Junior Bachchan.

Talking about expireince of riding a mean machine, “driving a bike is like a language which my bike and I speak. It is a very different world; you cannot just explain it in words. For me if I am happy I want to go for a ride and when I am sad then also I need a ride.” Taking his love for bikes to another level, along with some friends they started a club, Born 2 Ride. “Born 2 Ride is a very good chapter in my life. It all happened when Harley Davidson opened its store in Delhi. A friend of mine had partnership with them, so to promote Harley we started riding it. There I met four other friends who had Harley with them, Karan Malhotra, Manish Gupta, Rake Chauhan and Siddharth Oberoi. All of us have the same wavelength and passion about riding.” Recently they celebrated their first anniversary in the capital.

The chapter that started with five people is now forty-two and many waiting in line. “It’s a proper registered club. The only criterion to be part of this club is that you need to own a cruiser of 800 cc or above, be it any brand. Though, right now we are all Harley Davidson. And very important one should have passion to ride.” Sounds simple but it is a hell of thing to get into this gang of hardcore riders and stay as one. The five primary founders and six members manage it as a board. They decide all the new entry to the club or exit. Plus one has to take regular rides, if you don’t for two months then you are out.

Good things about this club is that it is not just about the riders but their families also take part in it. “Our families are always with us in all the rides. Either they are pillion riding or following us in the car.” On that they do rides only for charity, “This club is never going to be a commercial one but a charity. We would love brands to join us if they have something to do with charity.” Like they have done many on road-safety with NGOs in and around capital and UP. Born to Ride recently took a mountain ride to Kanatal in Uttrakhand. In the pipeline, they have desert ride to Udaipur and their annual ride from Delhi to Goa that will be in the beginning of the next year.

Above all what they enjoy most is their Sunday rides. “We have not dropped one Sunday from the day the club was formed. We keep changing the destinations around the Delhi. To decide the venue every member will suggest three and we choose the one with highest vote.” They assemble at Prem Service Station, Moolchand, Delhi before their ride, which they call it B2R Pump. Wanna try them out? Be around there on Sundays, you might get lucky. “Just make sure you bring your helmet along,” says Ikjot excitingly for another trip.

(Published in Mandate Oct ’12, Page No. 158)


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