Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Dear Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! Though I am not home I will surely pray for you and for your good health. I will thank God for giving you as my mother. And as I look back and remember the things we did together, it brings me a smile and more love for you.

When I was in my first standard, you taught me Hindi with your Manipuri script. As it is totally different you taught me many wrongs and then the laugh we had after I learn the right one in the school. You taught me how to pray, when ever in the church they sing The Lord’s My Shepherd and Give O Give, I remember how we used to sit around that small table and sing together before having our meals. How about your learning cum knitting sweaters for us? Over sized or bulging shoulders which I hate to but you make sure I wore them as you want to show off your master piece to your friends. Finally when you mastered the art, I lost the count how many colors and designs.

How can I forget the day when I came home crying to you to make me a kite. I am sure you never made one before that but you came up with one which looked like a kite but never took off. Oh, the dance we had on Worrei’s birthday! Telling you the truth as a dancer you are hopeless but fun. How you and Dad danced whole night with our friends. Next time give some time to kids also!

In those days it was really funny to see you cry whenever I am leaving home or coming back. Today I understand why you cried and I wonder how great a mother’s love is. How can one always think of giving good to somebody when she is getting nothing in return? Though you never had a good health but you made sure that we are. Never was a night we went bed hungry or there was stale or cold food on the table. And sweating in winters because you over dressed us.

Avui, I won’t say that you are the best but I will say you gave us the best. In all your short comings you did what you can do best. We your children couldn’t have asked for more. How I wish I was home today with you, coming back from church, having food around that table and planning how to spend rest of the day. I miss you!

I love you, my dearest Avui!


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