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Bob Dylan of India


Meet Lou Majaw one of the most accomplished and respected showman in the country. He is also called the biggest fan of Bob Dylan in India. So much is Lou Majaw in love with his idol that he celebrates Bob Dylan’s birthday every year since 24 May 1972. It’s officially known as Bob Dylan Jayanthi . “I do it to show respect and in admiration to what Dylan have given to the world, to Lou Majaw through his lyrical depth in his songs and poetry. We the Bob Dylan’s fan from all the over the country, even from abroad come down together and jam his hit songs to celebrate his birthday. We make sure that people are singing only Bob Dylan’s or their own originals,” says the 66 years old vocalist. One can easily identify him from a distance with trademark style of wearing denim shorts and sleeves-less T-shirts. “Earlier I used to wear it as I felt comfortable in it but latter it became my dress code.”

Lou Majaw is from Shillong which is also called the capital of Rock music in India. “I never planned to make music as my career. I am not here to prove anything but I love what I do, I enjoy performing in front of the audience. I am just a messenger, expressing my thoughts through my music and my lyrics.” To our surprise Lou Majaw is not trained professionally but self taught. “I came from a poor family, there was not much food in the house, so there was no way we could buy a guitar or go for a music class. I grew up listening music in radio and start singing when I was 17-18 years old in hotels in Kolkatta, where I used to get Rs.5 a week. Then some friends introduce me to Bob Dylan’s music and that was it!” Finally to end with one interesting fact, Lou Majaw and me shares same birthday. So Lou, why not something for our special day?

(Published in Society July ’13, Page No. 14)


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