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Single and Handsome


His team is not winning much of their matches nor he is doing anything amazing on the ground but there is no love lost for the Delhi Daredevil and Indian pace bowler Irfan Pathan by his fans especially ladies. They were all bowled-out by the Baroda gentleman in the capital recently when IPL team Delhi Daredevil came out to spend some time with the fans for an event organized by Nissan at ITC Maurya. The presence of international star cricketers like Australian David Warner, South African Roelof van der Merwe or West Indian Andre Russell could not take away the lime light from ‘Irfan the Pathan’. The moment he walks onto the stage, all the cat calls and whistling gave him the loudest welcome of all the players.

Adding one more name to his fan list, the host of the evening Roshini Chopra. No matter what topic it was, all the conversation was ending up to Irfan Pathan only. When asked what he likes to do other than playing cricket, “Go for long drive with someone.” Now that was something ladies will not let him go freely. Roshini Chopra made sure that he reveals who is that someone he is talking about. “I want to keep it to myself,” but ladies want the name. Finally, cleverly like his swing bowling, “Don’t bring in any wrong ideas, I was just talking about my young cousins.” As he tackles all those bouncers of question, he skillfully replies on how it was like to play with the other country’s player as a team and latter on against them. “Well I am keeping an eye on them, where and how they do things. Also their weakness, it will come handy in the future matches. Jokes apart the truth is, it hardly matters. It all ends up on your performance that specific match day.”

Latter in the evening, Delhi Daredevil players were to choose Nissan’s Face of the Year from the selected contestants. To our surprise some of the contestant watch cricket only for Irfan Pathan though they don’t understand anything about cricket. Was that a strategy to win the contest or not, only they know. However, one thing is for sure with ladies fan following like this it must be a tough job to stay single!

(Published in Society June ’13, Page No. 12)


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