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A Voice to Remember


Today many may not know Jasdev Singh. However, in the days of his magnificence, he was a voice people would give anything to listen when he starts his commentary with his trademark, “Main Jasdev Singh Bol Raha Hoon.” He was bestow with the titles like, Voice of India, The King of Commentry, Pioneer of Hindi Commentry, Guru of Hindi Commentry, Broadcast Legend, Mr Commentry India, and what not. It all began when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated and he listens to his idol Melville De Mello presenting the picture of Gandhiji’s death on the radio. In 1955, he joined All India Radio (AIR) and then Doordarshan (DD). In his career, he was the official commentator for DD and AIR for about fifty Republic Day and Independence Day from 1963 to 2003. Adding to that, he has covered nine Olympics, six Asian Games, and around eight Hockey World Cups. His contribution has been acknowledged by Indian government with Padma Shri in 1985 and then Padma Bhushan in 2005.

In an interview sharing his feeling the eighty years old says, “It is overwhelming the way people respond when they recognize my voice. Some remember me for my hockey match commentaries, some for the R-Day ones, while others say that my commentary on Nehru’s funeral brought tears to their eyes. I may have retired, but commentating is my soul. Public commentary is an art. It has to be nurtured!”

(Published in Society May ’13, Page No. 17)


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