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Goans in Delhi


Looking into the history, it just says that Mr. Alex Vaz was one of the pioneers who migrated from Goa to Delhi in the early 60s for better opportunities. Initially, it was families who were posted here as government employee or armed forced personals. With time, slowly and gradually the number increased, now they are around 5000 to 6000 in numbers. Goenkarancho Ekvot, a registered organization was formed in 2001 for Goans who are residing in the capital and adjoining area. Now they have around 200-250 lifetime members. “The main purpose of this organization is to promote Goan culture, festival, art, and cuisine in the capital. Some of the main events that we organize are like Goa Festival which is for three days where we showcase our handicrafts and Goan food during Oct-Nov. There is Tiatre, an annual affair where we promote Konkani folk dramas and also Konkani Film Festival in which movies from Konkan speaking areas are shown. We also have annual get together to celebrate Easter which is one of our main events,” says Mrs. Suman Kurade, President of the organization.

Though Goans presence is not that much in the capital but they are really doing well in their respective fields. Like, Rajdeep Sardesai the owner of national English news channel CNN-IBN. Usha Albuquerque, a television producer and one of India’s best known career counselors. Author Annabel Lopez who has written books like Goa: Paradise on Sea. There is rock band Black Slate who are well recognized in the music circuit. J.A. Carvalho is the principal of Father Agnel School. Serving out the flavor of their cuisine is Patrick Barretto the owner of first Goan restaurant in Delhi, Viva O Viva at Goa Niwas, Chanakyapuri. “The main ingredients of our food are coconut, spices, and seafood. Some of the most-wanted dishes in my restaurant menu are Khatkhate (mixed vegetable stew), Prawn Peri Peri, Chicken Xacuti and Vidaloo (spicy curry, usually pork). We don’t serve Fenny but some interesting mock-tails and to end with a layered coconut cake Bebinca,” says the chef. “When I took decision to come to Delhi, many asked me why I have to leave such a beautiful place. I never left that place, it’s always in me. My retirement plan is to go back and spent the rest of my life there,” says Gwyn Dmello a young journalist.

(Published in Society Aug ’13, Page No. 132)


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