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Making it Large


There are different men with different taste. Here is Arjun Sodhi an interior designer by profession who likes to convert a normal car into Limousine. All this just to check-out where he stands as a designer and for some excitement. Mandate went down to his abode at Golf Link (Delhi) to meet up the man with unique taste!

  • What made you make this car, Benzetti?

It is named after the ancient Italian car designer, ‘Benzetti’ is a luxury automobile, modified using an existing car. It is a classic example of old-world luxury and modern-day technology. I have always believed that design takes its inspiration from various different fields. Be it architecture, photography, sculpting, paintings, or furniture designing! This thought got me into going that extra mile and designing this car. Designing beautiful homes is in my blood. However, bringing life to a car inspired me to challenge my own capabilities. This was a new passion for the family, thinking out of the box. We have made this car just for us, for our luxury and to enjoy. People do come and ask but it’s for personal use not for sale.

  • Give us in details about the car and special features it has?

Benzetti is a classic contemporary example of a modern day comfort car with intensive testing, ideal balance, quality comfort, and elegant designing. The masterpiece boasts of red walls, blue carpets, king size seats, surround sound audio system giving home theatre effect, LED lights inside and a wine chiller table that includes a luxury quotient to the car. A Cupid monogram adds a customized touch to this masterpiece. In all we have spent around a crore on this. Well, as we say, it’s not just a car; it’s a caaarrr……

The design plan was simple. Being interior designer and architect, it came very handy. Every little area was well planned and thought of, just like designing a home. The car has been modified using the body of an existing car, the engine being the same. The extendable body has been made of Polyall which is a mixture of resins. An Italian technology that makes the car very durable and very strong.

It was a big task to source the special tyres, lights, shafts and the grill for the car that give it a premium appeal. They had to be expensive and exclusive. There was just no room for error with every minute attention to detail.

  • How long it took to customize it and where it has been done?

It took a year and a half long in assembling the car at our own manufacturing unit.

  • Share us the experience of driving this car of yours?

Whenever we move around in this car and stops at traffic light, people do gather around to check out how the car looks like from inside. It is exciting! But it is not an easy task to drive around in a limousine in Delhi traffic that’s why we generally take out in the night.

  • Any car that you are inspired or you want to own in coming days?

I would love to own a Maserati! A luxury sedan which is known for its elegance, quality, and performance.

  • What was your highest point in your life?

I think highest point in my life was when I bought my first car by myself. It was a BMW and I was passionate about earning it.

  • Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

I see myself to be more equipped professionally to take up challenging roles in the field of designing and most importantly to be a much better human being. And more cars in my collection!

  • What other things you like to do, when you are not an interior designing or customizing car?

I enjoy playing golf when not at work. Apart from that I enjoy trying new places for great food with family and friends. I also love travelling internationally.

  • Tell us about your interior designing company, Sajavat Group?

Sajavat Group is an Interior Design & Luxury Lifestyle Company that stands in a class of its own, producing a lifestyle that is second to none. Founded in 1985, it has grown perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing furniture and objects of art of unsurpassed quality. I continue the legacy of the company which was started and built by my parents, who both are interior designers. I grew up with the same passion as them.

My designation here in the group is Director. For me, it’s all about immersing myself in the personal style of the client and interpreting their aspirations for their living spaces. And incorporating more style than anyone would, which becomes the WOW factor every client is ultimately looking.

  • Tell us about yourself and your family?

We belong to the royal blooded family of the Sodhi Gurus from Anandpur Sahib. I am the direct descendant of Guru Ram Das Ji (the fourth Guru of the Sikhs). And my mother is the great grand daughter of Baba Kharak Singh (the freedom fighter of India and the first president of SGPC).

I earned my degree in Business from Delhi, pursued Interior Design from Exterior Interior Delhi, an Advanced Interior from Spectrum Institute Delhi and Post Graduate in Interior & Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design London.

(Published in Mandate Sept ’13, Page No. 14)


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