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Meeting a Super Star

ImageHe was a symbol of romance and called the evergreen hero of Indian film industry – Dev Anand. Remembering the day I met this super star.

Women used to die for a glimpse of him that includes my mum even if it’s on television. They say actresses wanted only romantic roles with him in the films. The way he walks and nods his head while talking, makes girls fall on their knees. Men madly imitate his way of wearing hat little bit tilted and colorful scarves around the neck. Whatever he does becomes fashion! And I was going to meet the man. I was really nervous even though it was just a press-conference. As it was my initials days in the world of journalism i was like, what to ask him, what not do and made a long questionnaire as if I was going for one-to-one interview. It’s funny now but only I know my situation, I am going to meet THE DEV ANAND!

Wait starts, first it was in minutes then it was an hour and thankfully he came. Dev Anand walks in the conference room and so was my heart beats i can hear them. He was there to talk about his movie Charge-sheet and re-release of 1961 classic Hum Dono in color. There were all kinds, sex, color, and age of people like this old lady who was sitting for a quite long time. But the moment he enters she was full of energy as if she got her libido back. Pushing me off there she goes and so are all the journalist and cameraman. Never did I know that you have to run after the movie stars, if you want a piece of them or a byte, my first lesson on journalism.

In denim jackets, he waves and makes comfortable on the couch. Got a glimpse of him by doing whatever I can do with my short stature and all the techniques of standing I know. Then I realize his charisma, the aura he has, as people were quietly waiting for the words to come out from his mouth. He went on talking but nobody moved. Just some girls with notepads, slowly shoving their way towards him and giving a sly smile to cameraman who looks at them angrily.

When asked about remaking his cult move Guide, “It is impossible to recreate that magic!” closes his eyes and slowly shakes his head. “I can still remember people telling me before the release that how can I make a romantic hero into a saint and then get him killed. People make films, but I conceive them. I am a totally lost man when I make a movie.” Knowing that the only thing which was not on his side was time. “I want to be born again as Dev Anand and finish all my works that I always wanted to do. Life is slipping away, that’s why I am always in rush, chasing after it.” To which that old lady shouts, “Please don’t say that. I wish I can give you my life.” Like a true hero he saves the day, “You say you’re old that’s why you are old. I never said I am that’s why I am young, still growing as a person. That’s why I’m making films. Every day is a new day and a new day gives you a new thought.”

An idea came running to me, I need proof that I met Dev Anand and comes the rescue in the form of Nokia N70. In the sea of professional cameras, SLR as they say, I took out my mobile phone and gave it to the PR who was standing next to me and ran towards him, “CLICK”!Image


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