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Vishy Shenoy, Vice President & Business Head of Ambadi, the home furnishing company of Murugappa Group, talks about the company which is one of the leading brands of rugs in the Indian market.

Q: Tell us about Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.?

A: Ambadi Enterprises Ltd. is part of the 22,000 Crore Murugappa group and was started in 1978. We manufacture handmade rugs made by skilled artisans for the high end retail markets of the western world. We operate from 2 factories – Panipat and Bhadohi. We researched the Indian market for rugs and based on consumer need, have launched our imported fashion forward European rugs for the Indian market last year

Q: What will be the USP of your products?

A: Our products that we sell in the Indian market are water repellent, no Shedding – low maintenance, anti-bacterial, anti-static, color-fast and all these at an unbelievable Indian price. And the international ones, they are hand crafted by skilled artisans in child-labor free environment and does not use harmful chemicals during dyeing or otherwise. These products meet all the highest ethical and social standards required by our international clients.

Q: Who are your target customer and how are you planning to reach out to them?

A: We are targeting the young Indian home builder who is interested in making a statement about themselves through their living-rooms. This is the young Indian who has travelled abroad, seen the way the world lives and want that lifestyle in India. The kind of rugs that we are offering are the ones, they have always wanted but didn’t know where to look for. We plan to reach out to them through our retail footprint, through digital marketing and through influencers like the interior designers and architects

Q: Is there any difference in your products when it comes to Indian and international market?

A: These rugs that we sell in India are from McThree, one of the leading manufacturers of rugs globally. These very rugs and designs are the ones the customers will see in the high end retail stores in the western markets. When the new designs get launched at the annual Rug fair in Hannover, Germany they are also released in the Indian market. This ensures that the Indian consumer gets the very same rugs which are in vogue in the European market

Q: Share with us your achievements till now?

A: Ambadi is a star exporter recognized by the Government of India and is one of the pioneers in the handmade rugs in India. We are also the Guinness Book of World records holder for producing the world’s largest Apron, which was a business that we were into some years back. Our Home furnishing products are used in the Blue room of the White House, through one of the retailers who made the room up. Our products are in the most exquisite places in the world, through the brands that we produce for. We work with very high end retailers in Europe and in the US who reach out to the luxurious interiors of our customers.

Q: Where to see your Ambadi Enterprises Ltd. in coming years?

A: Ambadi will strengthen its position in the handmade rugs business by retaining existing customers and acquiring newer customers in existing and newer geographies. In the Domestic rug business we want to be the preferred brand when it comes to rugs and we expect to offer our channel partners and the influencers the width and depth of choice to achieve this objective.

(published in Society Interiors Nov’13, Page No. 198)


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