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From Around the World

Fashion designer JJ Valaya ventures into lifestyle with the opening of the store, ‘The Home of the Traveler’ (THT).

Known as one of the czars of Indian fashion JJ Valaya has been reigning in this business for more than 20 years and now he has come up with flagship store in the hub of interiors and designs of the capital at MG Road. Covering 18,000 square of area and spreading over five floors it has furniture, life style accessories, artifacts and gifting items collected by JJ Valaya and his brother TJ Singh from around the world. One gets to see the fusion of old and new designs from around the world under one roof. Adding the glamour potion it has Traveler’s Café and an art café on the top floor. “Our simple belief is that the world is indeed replete with diverse objects of beauty be it for homes or for gifting and we simply cannot make them all, which has now resulted in this store. Carefully curated luxury that speaks of intrigue, beauty and untold tales,” JJ Valaya an avid traveler shares the idea behind THT.

The moment one enters the store, each piece unfolds its unique style. Floors are beautifully done in white marble and collection of Turkish chandeliers gleams to welcome guests. Go up the stairs and one unravels interesting themes on different floors. Like on the first floor they have India as the theme where lots of gold and shimmering is used in the ambience, portrait of god and goddesses on the wall and artifacts inspired by Indian mythology. Chess-board and pieces done in marble and clay relics on the wooden shelves surrounds the room and there are glass dining tables with golden cutlery on it. Wooden Jaali is used as partition of the room. To which JJ Valaya says, “We realize that different connoisseurs have different tastes albeit with one constant, fine aesthetics. Our furniture and décor items therefore are divided into 6 definitive moods namely Art Deco, Vintage, Organic, Glamour, India, and World. We are sure that across these moods, each piece will tell a unique and most often forgotten tale.”

In Vintage, it is more inspired by the Victorian touch with ample of wood are used done with leather upholstery. Cabinets, brass hangings, clocks and sleigh bed of which padding is done with leather. And in the Organic section designs are simple, inspired by nature and materials like cane are used in furniture and lamp stands. And in World there is little from every part of the world, a mix -match of everything. There is an eye catching corner, walls colored in red and adorned by ceramic vases and urns, bamboo sculptures, carved woods and Buddha statues in all sizes depicting rich oriental touch. There is also a wide variety of carpets in the basement which will remind you of the tales in Arabian Nights. There is everything for everybody that’s what the THT is all about, check it out!

(Published in Society Interiors Nov ’13, Page No. 122)


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