Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Does it really matters how it began?


Every morning while jogging in the park I see this elderly couple for sure. I miss out sometimes but whenever I go they are always there. They must be in their 70s or more than that for sure. Man is bald and loves his all white combination of pajama and Nehru collar half-shirt. And woman all grey hairs which is nicely plaited and always in salwar-kameez. Walking their own pace not worried about the world or how many joggers have passed by them. Deeply into their conversation, they always have something to talk about. Being a man (I guess) he walks a pace a head of her and she with no complains walks behind happily.

After two or three rounds of the park, they make sure to sit down on their favorite spot, a green iron bench under the tree. And that’s the only thing that I can relate to them, as my spot is just opposite to them. A pink cement bench where I do my crunches and listening to their conversation. She greets everyone who passes by and inquires about things happening in their life. Quietly he will look at her as she talks to others. Or he will go feed corns to pigeons which he brought in a polythene bag that was in his pockets all the time. Most of the days, they are in good mood but in some odd ones he will talk a bit louder explaining things to her. For sure she is not listening to everything what he is saying but does reply back when it is needed, if not she is busy looking around. However no matter what, they do come together and go back together. May it be summer or winter, windy or rainy!

On a second thought, how must have their relationship started? Did they meet in their college or school and felt in love? Might be it was love at first sight when he saw her walking down the road. Or was it just another arrange-marriage before which they never met? Today they complement each other. Looks like, they never had anybody else in their life. So the question is does it really matters how it began?


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This entry was posted on October 17, 2013 by in Human-interest.
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