Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Against all Odds


After long problems of militancy and communal clashes in this beautiful land not much of good news has come from here. But the native of Jammu and Kashmir are not giving up! There are glimpses of hope such as Mehraj Uddin Wadoo who took all the odds on his stride. He is a regular name in the Indian football scenario. Mehraj started playing for the country in 2005 and came to limelight when he scored the winning goal in SAFF Cup 2005 Finals in Karachi, after that there is no looking back. In club level he has played for almost all the teams in the country and right now he is with Mohan Bagan as a defender.

“When I started playing in 90’s, situation in Kashmir was really bad and youths were engaged in many other activities but I thought of doing it on field rather than on streets, representing the valley through my sports,” says the 28 years old. Today after representing the country for more than 7 years he wants to give back to the sports and nurture more talents like him. “We do have talents in Kashmir who can do really well in the top level tournaments just that there is no infrastructure and no proper guidance.” He along with some of his football friends has formed Football Players Welfare Association (FPWA) which organizes coaching clinics and sends youth for exposure trips. Indeed it is a noble start. And talking about the Kashmir, ace footballer says, “Everything about Kashmir is beautiful especially its breathtaking scenery. One should see this place for sure which is called the Paradise on Earth!”


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