Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Oh My God!


I live in a country where there is a god or god-man in every corner, no matter what and where you are. No offence to any group or religion but if you really start counting all the gods we have in India there are chances that you may forget what actually you were counting. I don’t know or follow much of them but for sure I meet one of them every morning. And it is worth meeting him because he signifies vigor, good-health, swiftness, and many – all attributes of a good health and who doesn’t want to be healthy!

Every morning this god gives us his darshan, esp. for my locality near the dump just next to the park. Most actively on Tuesday and Saturdays as the worshipers will without doubt bring them bananas. On the others days, they hang around the park and look out for passersby with something good. You better not get romantic in the park with munchies. Bang! They snatch it from you or else you get their curse, a bite with those yellow teeth and follow the rabies vaccine running through your veins. If god is gracious enough, he himself comes to you to your house. One morning a friend of mine got up with some noise in the room and still in his sleep he saw somebody holding refrigerator door with one hand and inspecting stuffs inside. In shocker he shouts, “Monkey!” and god gets offended leaving him without blessings.

On another fine morning gods were touring on the wall adjacent to the park and one aunty-ji was entering the park from the small entrance between the walls, just enough for one person. Should we say co-incidence or god wanted to bless her, the moment she was in the center of the gap god also walked through her head. There she ran screaming, “Monkey pulled my hair!” Despite the fact that god was hardly bothered and went on with his monkey business. However the talk of the day was ‘Monkey attacked a lady.’ From next day onwards, everybody was holding a stick or an iron rod as they jog. The moment deity is sighted they run after or shoo, so much for the god! Sometimes I really pity the god he must be pretty confused.


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