Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

What’s the Story?


When you are passing by or at the IIT Delhi main gate, across the road this neon-light sign-board ‘What a Comic Show!’ will sure grab your eyeballs. If not give a better second look, for this new food joint is unfolding an interesting show of taste culinary in the Safdarjung Development Area (SDA) market. Just opposite to Barista Café is the stairs which will take you to a colorful animated world.

Well there is nothing wrong with you if the name is poking your curiosity. That’s exactly what happened to me, what is with the name? “Well, while I was growing up I used to love reading comics and I wanted to continue with this old habit of mine. And I am sure, not just me but there must be lots of them who want to experience it again. And this is the place for them!” says the beautiful host of the evening Pooja Moirangthem. Each and every artifacts are handpicked by her and her partner Zorema Darkim and that’s must be the reason you will feel like home, not a restaurant.

Name your favorite comic character and look for it on the colorfully done walls which adorned all comic character posters and framed comic-covers. If you don’t find one don’t lose your heart, check out the selves which has loads of comic decked up. Mine is Calvin & Hobbes making faces, Superman giving a grin (I guess that’s him) and the one in the Gent’s washroom, a piggy reading playboy magazine while doing his business on the seat (now don’t expect me to tell you what’s there is Ladies’). Cartoons are everywhere, below the glass tables and above on the lanterns. But for sure there won’t be a boring moment; either you are reading the graphics or going down the memory lane.

That brings us to the serious and most important thing – food. There is nothing comical or funny about the food but it was just yummy. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to decide the menu, straight to the point – they are serving Oriental and Continental. For starter we went for fish fingers and Sausage Surprise and then grilled sandwich, All Time Flavor Giant Club (I guess I got the name right) gulping down with fresh lime soda. A special thanks to my friend Belinda who gave me an expert advice to go for pork dim-sums. It was worth surrendering my taste buds to such a wonderful carte du jour and to confirm it is Khathing aka Mr. Ron, who did not leave a morsel. And the best part of the whole story is it doesn’t burn your pocket, it’s very wallet-friendly.

A must visit for everyone, any age, sex, greed or color. To make things more exciting very soon beer will be in the list of options and regular live-bands performance. This show is going to be really interesting as they say Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!


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