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One Way Ticket


Human kinds are planning to settle down on the red planet Mars very soon. An international space research organization Mars One is all set to send around 40 people on one-way trip to the distant planet in 2023 after going through rigorous training and selection process. Though it sound bizarre but there were more than 78,000 applicants from 120 countries. In the list were some Indians who also think that they are fine even if they are not coming back to Earth again.


Amulya Rastogi

“This will give a meaning to my life. I’ve always wanted to witness and experience things for myself and to know how it feels. I see a satisfied person in me when I experience what is beyond Earth, beyond our Solar System, and beyond our Galaxy. It gives me what I want – peace of mind. I think that is what every human wants,” says 20 years old Kundan Kumar who is a Mechanical Engineering student from Bihar. Joining him is his friend and classmate Amulya Rastogi, “As a child, when I first learnt about Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that after planting the flag, they simply returned back to Earth. Back then, it was a competition between the US and the Soviet Union. But space exploration is not a competition. I have nothing against the fact that ours will be a one-way trip because I believe in permanent settlement. I don’t want to just plant a flag and return back to Earth because that would serve no good.”


Kundan Kumar

More interesting is the case of Vinod Kotiya who is well settled – a good job and happily married with a kid. “I have three good reasons! Firstly, I always wanted to be an astronaut; I even cleared Pilot Aptitude Battery Test for Indian Air Force but could not make it. Second, I believe that the purpose of humankind is to spread their horizon across the universe to know the truth of our existence. Why we are here? Why and who created us? Mars One is a small step toward reaching to the answer and I want to contribute in this. And lastly, we have already done lots of mistakes on earth both economical and environmental as a part of civilization and evolution. I think Mars will provide a new way of approaching our economy which if embraced could very well change the society for better,” says the 31 years old.


Vinod Kotiya

No matter what are the reasons but one thing is sure, in near future if you visit Mars you will surely find an Indian there also!


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