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Here She Comes


Here is Elli Avram the latest newbie in the Bollywood and Bigg Boss 7 contestant. Let’s check it out how she is treating with her newly found fame.

Couple of months back, Elli Avram was not much known name but today she is a talk in every household of India and Indians abroad. From her younger days she was fascinated by Bollywood, Indian dance and colorful cloths. This Swedish-Greek girl was destined to have a glamorous lifestyle, it was just a matter of time. Following her dream she came to Mumbai and started off with couple of television commercials. But she announced her arrival with a bang after bagging the lead role in Mickey Virus. Moreover thanks to her stint in the house of Bigg Boss-7 which did wonders for her. She was really loved by audience not just for looks but for not behaving shoddily like some of the other housemates. She became the favorite of the host Salman Khan and he went on to say that she reminds him of Katrina Kaif.

“It was a good experience to stay in that house and I really want Sangram to win because he is a humble man. My relationship with Kamya Panjabi was not that strong from the beginning but I don’t have anything with anybody in the house as it was just a game,” sharing her experience of Bigg Boss. Given the opportunity she would like to go back as Santa Claus and fulfill the wishes of the housemates. “And I think that whatever Salman Khan did or said on the program was just for entertainment. We shouldn’t go deep into it or take it seriously! It is a big thing to get into a relationship with anybody and we hardly know each other,” getting things cleared or playing safe?

As she was busy in Bigg Boss she could not endorse her movie Mickey Virus but Manish Paul the lead actor came in the show for promotion and even Salman Khan made sure to mention the movie as much as he could. Though movie didn’t do so well, she has a different story to tell. “I believe that people liked the movie that is why I have offers lined up. I am in process of reading the scripts but I am in no hurry, want to take it slow.” Another interesting fact is that it was not Salman Khan but another Khan when it comes to her favorite Bollywood actor. “I really like Shahrukh! I just love his movie Devdas because the way they have shown the love, so deep and so beautiful. It is just wow! I have a crush for that story.”

Though hardly for a year or so she is here in India but she is already madly in love with the country. “I just love the warmness in people here. Touchwood, till now I have only good experience though I got to read and hear a lot of things against women. But bad things can happen in any country not just India. I would love to tell people in Europe and that it’s a must visit place, a lot of festival and culture. There is so much to see and learn from India.” And her priority in things-to-do list in India is, “I would love to visit Agra and see Taj Mahal the monument of love.” Not just that she has a taste bud for Indian food also. “I like Dal Makhani, Aloo Paratha and Palak Paneer,” chuckles 23 years old actor. Well things look excellent for this newbie as even Salman Khan who is known for making career for beautiful girls is on her side. All the best gorgeous, make the best use of everything. This is your moment!


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