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The Searching Answers for Christian Youths – Ramyothing Phungshok


I am sure that there is not a Christian in this world who never got confused or searched for answers when it comes to the spirituality. And that’s why there are piles of books in the stores on this topic. But they are written by someone who hardly knows you or about your background. But what if somebody does, who was just like you and went through what you are facing right now. Ramyothing Phungshok who is a Home Missionary with our church, Tangkhul Christian Delhi has come out with a book – The Searching Answers for Christian Youths.

Sharing his experience, brother Ramyothing from the days when he himself was a confused Christian to helping out the confused Christians. He tries to answer those questions that seem to be very insignificant but can shook your faith if not answered. The whole book is divided into eight chapters, each titled a question. Is Bible truly the word of God, What are the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, How can I be sure of my salvation, Does God really answers prayer and more. He answers them in simple and easy to understand language, with illustrations from his own firsthand incidents. Like the occasion when he was working with a missionary in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. The local Tibetans were so good natured that it made him to think whether they will really go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus as their savior. But he explained the situation that many things are out of human understanding. Like a hatchling that keeps eating whatever mother bird feeds them and growing up to become full of feathers and soaring high in the sky. Instead of questioning and suspecting what they are being fed and starving to death.

A must read, not just youth as the title says but also many of us who goes to church regularly but still with some doubts deep down the heart. Better late than never! And best wishes from Pheichon Team to our dear brother Ramyothing Phungshok for this book and who will be going home very soon for good. May you come out with many more such writings and be a blessing and blessed.

(Published in Pheichon Dec ’13, Tangkhul Church Delhi’s bi-monthly magazine)


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