Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Welcome to Momoland!


I know many of you are just reading these lines to find out what this heading is all about. And I just fooled you, if you have tried to Google it. Side-effect of depending so much on to technology! There is no country or place like Momoland but I just made it up to grab your attention. Now that I have your attention, when I say Momoland I am talking about the capital city of India – Delhi. Surprised? Yeah, even I was when landed here to make something out of my life. Amazingly, I found that here people love to gobble down dim-sum which is also known as momo. For sure you will find at every corner of the street written – Hot Momos. It got so much into their taste bud that there has been Darwin’s theory of evolution, called as Paneer-momo. I wonder they don’t come up with Samosa-momo which has lots of potato stuffing.

Looking at the madness for momo I was really really mad when a senior travel-journalist asked me, “So momo is a stable food over there in North-East?” And I am sure many of you are right now like, “Oh! Is it not so?” Well my friends the answer is NO! Now you can Google it.


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