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Bringing the Change


Aam Admi Party is the game changer today in the Indian politics. Interestingly they have many media persons in the team like Asutosh, Manish Sisodia, Shazia Ilmi and Rakhi Birla. So is Prerna Prasad, let’s check out with her who is going to contest for Lok-Sabha seat from Bhopal.

A glance at her and from nowhere she looks like a politician but a college-student. After all she’s just 25 years old! But don’t you get fool be her looks, the moment Prerna Prasad starts talking she means business. “When I started studying Political Science in 11th standard, I always read criticism about politics, a place for goons and for those who have money power. That’s when I decided to join politics to clean it. As I believe that until you enter the system, you can’t change it.” Indeed a noble thought for which she gave up her career in media. “Yes, I was working with the Headlines Today for a while and three years with CNN-IBN. I feel saddened to say that journalism is no longer a platform from where one can bring positive changes in the society. Media ethics and news sense has been thrown into the dustbin. In fact, media is spreading negativity and misinformation. Now it has become a business!” says the girl who is on a mission. She has done Masters from Hindu College, Delhi University in Political Science, a gold medalist in graduation in Political Science and English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal.

Of all she chooses to be with Aam Admi Party to start her political career and to which she has a very valid reason. “I looked for the existing parties but didn’t find any worth joining. When Anna Hazare movement started, I realized that it was the platform I was looking for. Aam Aadmi Party is a place where all positive thinking, honest and credible faces are coming together to bring the political revolution. And, this is like my dream coming true!” Prerna Prasad thinks that Arvind Kejriwal is today’s Gandhi. “He is an honest man with high integrity who is trying to redefine the meaning of politics, uniting all the positive forces to come together and bring the change, a highly strategic person who has a very good understanding of the pulse and mood of the people.” Only time will tell what he really is but right now for her Arvind Kejriwal is the messiah who saves this country from the corrupt politicians. “I’d say the Brits in the past were far better compared to the current corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and the industrialists. If we don’t stop them now, our nation will become a slave of our own men.” Well, that’s quite a statement!

Like all she too has some plans if she comes to power, manifesto that’s what they call politically but a very simple one. “There are many things to do but I will start with the basic, looking into the needs of the people who are at the bottom of the society.” According to this aspiring politician, “The root cause of the entire problem in this country is the crony capitalism. India is being run by a few corporate. This 1-2% population is trying to grab the wealth of the rest 98%.” And she thinks that her party is the panacea of all the problems in this country! “In order to restrict the crony capitalists, we need to change the corrupt politicians. Aam Aadmi Party is a platform to bring this change. If honest people will replace the corrupt, the economic policies will no longer be in the hands of the 2% population. Our policies are pro-people and not just pro-billionaires and millionaires!”

Well said and looking forward that she stands up to her words. But did it ever come to her mind that the game she is stepping into is dominated by men, in a country where women are treated as second class citizen? “Yes, I know it is not going to be an easy ride! Politics is seen as an untouchable place for women. In traditional parties, most women politicians are wife, daughter, and daughter in law of some politician or they are women with bad reputation. But in AAP women are on the basis of their merit and capabilities.” Realizing the need to clarify her stand she says, “I see myself as a strong woman leader becoming an inspiration for many other women especially youngsters to join politics. Politics shouldn’t be male dominated as it is now. Women must enter politics as they are doing in every other field and play a vital role. In fact, I believe women are more responsible in nature than men even in politics.”

It is never easy to do something alone but in her case she is supported by her parents and friends. “My folks always knew about my desire to join politics. Today they are very excited that I am getting an opportunity to live my dream.” And recently she got married to a co-party worker. “It was a love marriage. He is a volunteer of Anna Andolan who is today managing the entire IT work of Aam Aadmi Party. His name is Ankit Lal.” She sets an example even through her marriage, “I am the first one to do inter-caste and love marriage in my family. I am very fortunate that my kanyadan was done by Arvind Kejriwal.” Now there is no more stopping, the world is her canvas and she just needs to give her master stroke on it!

(Published in Society March ’14, Page No. 22)


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