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Many Facets of a Man

He is stylish, an interior designer by profession, rich by birth, married to a famous family, a bike enthusiast, one of the most sought-after men in Delhi’s social circuit who believes in living life like a rock-star. Mandate catches up with Naveen Ansal the man with many trades to find out how is life at his end.


My roots are from Punjab, I belong to a village called Ferozepur where we used to be landowners. I did my schooling from Lawrence School Sanawar, degree from Hindu College, Delhi University, and then went back to village. I was into farming for around three years but found it very boring as I grew up most of the time out in the town. But I did learn a very important lesson from the time I spent there, if you sow good crop you get a good harvest. I have become a businessman however I long to be farmer again. Things were quite simpler those days, we used to have one hell of good time partying. As shikar (hunting) was allowed we used to go and shoot ostrich, duck, wild boar and what not. But lots of things changed when Terrorism started in the early eighties, it affected all of us who were living as nawabs or land owners.


I run this design company call Casa Paradox with my wife Raseel Gujral which started in 1993. It is all about designing, like interiors basis, exterior basis, and products like furniture. When I came to Delhi in 1991 I was on a look out to change my profession and she suggested starting this business as she was an interior designer herself. We started at her father’s (Satish Gujral) house and our office used to be their dining table. Then we bought our first property a 38 acre farm land with the first order we received. I have no formal training, I learn at the job from Raseel, from the suppliers and the artisans. This venture of 20 years has grown from just making furniture and accessories to designing homes and architecture.


There are lots of people from whom I get inspired. Anybody who has come over odds is a role model for me. Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in jail with a hope that one day he will be a free man. My father was a very stylish gentleman, I think I got my style from him but didn’t get his humbleness. I learned from my dad and elder brother how to groom, behave and to look after oneself.

Ideal man…

A real man is someone who respects a woman. As man one should be proud of the ability to be different yet human. You don’t have to be 6 feet 5 inches tall but comfortable in your own skin. He should be well dressed and able to communicate with command. Chivalry the old word is not dead I still believe in that. He should not be following any trend or anybody but utilize his own intelligence.


I am not the kind of person whom you can call a gadget man. My idea of gadget is a good car or bike which you can take out once in a while on the road, a good espresso machine, telephone and an iPad, just the regular stuff. I have a Jaguar SJ, Range Rover Vogue, and bikes like 500 cc Customized Chopper, 2300 cc Triumph Rocket and Enfield 500 cc.


I am not brand driven but yes brand conscious since my younger days. I have been following some brands like shoes from Tom Ford which is one of the best the ultimate. I am shoe guy who believes in judging a man by his shoes and also hands, which has to be clean. I will go with Armani for watches, perfume from Dolce & Gabbana which are musky and has hint of spices and suit by Gucci. But for the traditional attire I go with my own design.

Perfect woman…

I value physical beauty very much. I am always charmed by beautiful women but for me an ideal woman is someone who is sure of her femininity. She should be well kept whether home or outside and an independent mind. Come on, men and women are sexual beings, you can’t say you don’t have sexual desires if you stay under a veil or are married. As a man it is natural to get attracted to a beautiful woman, appreciate beauty. One should understand that women belong to the same species and are to be respected.

Crime against women…

The problem is that there is no value anymore in our society which has to start from home. Father should be a role model but mother is the one who ought to teach kids how to behave with a woman. The realization has to come from within the soul.

Family and fatherhood…

I have a daughter Noor (30) from my earlier marriage, son Adarsh (29) from Raseel from her previous marriage and son Imaan (14) which is ours. So I have lots of aspects of fathering. When I was younger I was very loving to my daughter but lived in a totally different world. Today my youngest son has changed by perception and I can say that I am a very family oriented man. He thinks that I am a fool as if I don’t know anything which is very normal while growing up (laughs). When I met Raseel and started mingling with her family I realized what family is all about. Even though her father couldn’t hear we share a good repo. I think to understand the feeling of genuine happiness one needs a family.


I got everything under the sun but don’t have time to enjoy them. My son is going to Scotland this year for schooling, maybe then I get some time. I take lots of business trip but what I am planning for is go holidaying and visit places like Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa and Australia. And when I am home doing nothing, I indulge in cooking as I love it, I cook fabulous chicken and mutton. I was never a movie buff but Raseel made me one and one habit that she doesn’t like which I do – channel surfing on television.


I want to be physically fit and run the company better than what it was yesterday. I used to be very active but right now I am in my most unhealthy state, taking care of the business. Look at Sylvester Stallone he is 67 yet not an ounce of fat on him and that’s the kind of fitness I am talking about. I am just 56 I can still achieve that. Until you are physically fit you don’t enjoy anything, that kind of person I am.


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