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Building Muscles

Meet Fabien Debecq, the man behind 25 years old multi-national health nutrition company QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology) from Brussels, Belgium.

QNT is finally here in India after doing well all over the Europe and America. Bringing in his experience as a European body building champion, Fabien Debecq has made the brand one of the most trusted in health supplement segment. Today it has franchises in the USA, the UK, Belgium, Brazil, and India with 200 products that are scientifically developed. Not just that, this 50 years old businessman owns a Belgian football club – The Sporting de Charleroi (RCSC) and is a good friend of Hollywood action hero Van Damme.

Q: Tells us about your company QNT?

A: It all started 25 years ago when I got the opportunity to compete in America as a bodybuilder where I saw the business potential of sports nutrition. We were among the few who introduces health drinks in Europe and people trusted me as I was doing well in the fitness industry. I had to start from gym to gym and then countries to educate what kind of training and food they need to have. Initially it was outlets now we own a production unit of 12,000 m² in Europe and its range counts more than 200 products that were scientifically developed selling it worldwide. In 2006, QNT diversified its line of products and introduced the Easy Body range, intended to women. Today we are one of the largest chains of stores specializing in dietary supplements in the United States, GNC USA with 5000 stores.

We have started in Brazil and United Kingdom, now taken up the challenge in India. And we are quite happy with the outcome and expecting it to be bigger than United States in few years. We just need to understand the Indian mentality and find the right product, along with that good partner in the marketing.

Q: What will be the USP of QNT products?

A: First and most important is that I myself is an athlete and my experience of 25 years in this field. Our products are developed with the researchers from around the world and players tasting it. All the manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP. And another very important fact for India is that most of the products are vegetarian.

Q: What has brought change in the attitude regarding Protein supplements in the consumers?

A: In our initial days we had to go door to door to explain and make people understand that why supplements are needed along with regular food to have a good health. These days we have magazines and internet access to get educated. Now majority of people like in America if you ask them what is Protein and 90% of people including old ones will explain straight away. They might not know exact composition but they understand that protein is good for one’s health. The market has really exploded last ten years, it all started in USA.

Q: Which one of your product sells most?

A: There are around 200 products but we can’t say exactly which sells most as it depends to country to country. Our product are divided into four categories drinks, capsules, tablet and energy bar. One of the best selling worldwide is protein in powder and ready to drink, there is a lot demand for this product in the market.

Q: How are products divided for which segments?

A: Ready to drink and bars like Metapure Zero Carb, Protein-shake, and Protein-bar can be taken by any segments. Body builders can go for Play Well Carb, Post Well Carb while doing the training which main ingredient is whey protein isolates. We have products with low carbs content for those who want to lose weight.

It is easy to gain weight by getting fat but more important is gaining muscle and for that we have special product like Metapure Zero Carb. Other than that one can go for potato, egg white, pasta and there is weight gainer 3000 Muscle Mass – a combination of good carbs and protein.

Also, we do have products like Meta Zero Proto Carbs which has no carbs, fats, and lactose free for those who doesn’t want to have carbs.

Q: What about the side effects, especially by those who don’t do regular exercise?

A: There is no side-effect but if you are not exercising one doesn’t need to consume large quantity of protein but in small amount to have good health.

Q: According to you who have best physique right now in the fitness industry?

A: No doubt it will be Diego Sebastian! Yes, he is associated with QNT. He looks like a 35 years old but who will believe that he is a 43 years old, that’s the level of his dedication towards his body. And soon we are planning to bring him to India.


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