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Melody Maker


His tune took nation by storm last year and still people are humming it. Meet singer-composer Mithoon Sharma the man behind the super hit tune – Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2.

As we wonder what in world inspires a man to come out with such musical notes that will just get stuck on to you. However in Mithoon Sharma’s case it runs in the family. He is the grandson of famous trumpeter Pandit Ramprasad Sharma, nephew of Pyarelal – one of the hit duo music composer Laxmikant – Pyarelal and his father is Naresh Sharma a composer and arranger. “Yes, I agree that I have a great music lineage and because of my father I was introduced to the music very early. I got to meet best musicians and composers of the country and for which my career took off much easier in comparison to my compatriot musicians. But I don’t think that you can take up music for any other reason but it has to come from within you, something organic like music can’t be forced upon or imposed. It is like gravity to earth and how water falls down from the mountain,” says the 29 years old tunesmith.

Today Mithoon Sharma has already around 25 hit songs in his kitty. Some of his melody are like Mausam and Woh Ajanabee (The Train), Ke Bin Tere (Aggar), Madno and Chinmayi (Lamhaa), Maula Mere Maula and Javeda Zindagi (Anwar), Phir Mohabbat and Aye Khuda (Murder 2), Yeh Kasoor (Jism 2) and the latest Tum Hi Ho and Meri Aashiqui (Aashiqui 2). Talking about the thought process that goes in to churn out great hits one after another, “I think that music is divine and nobody can really say that he is the source of the tune, it is a divine gift nobody can take the credit. All I do is say a prayer before getting down to music-making, after that I understand that my responsibilities is to enhance storytelling and help filmmaker convey his story in a better way through music. But one thing I am sure of is that if anything comes from your heart then it will be loved by everybody.”

Life has came to a full circle when he composed the music for Aashiqui 2, as his father worked with composer duo Nadeem-Shravan for the 1990 released super hit film Aashiqui. “I have a good rapport with the director of the movie, Mohit Suri and we started our career together with Zeher. When he was given the responsibilities the first call that he made was to me that he need a title track. We worked with all our sincerity and the idea was to do a proper love story score. I always try to avoid molding into expectations rather I disconnect myself from everything, do my work and just let it be. That’s how Tum Hi Ho was created,” says proudly Mithoon Sharma and after that as they say it is history.

Now, Mithoon Sharma is not just talked about in India but all over the world where Bollywood has its reach. “I have just return from IIFA Awards (Tampa Bay, Florida) winning awards for best lyrics (Tum Hi Ho) and best music composer (Aashiqui 2). It was a humbling experience to know that an American band has covered the song Tum Hi Ho, good to know that I could be an inspiration to others.” Other then this award winning song one that’s very close to him is Tujhse Naina Lage (Anwar) and he tells why, “It is a song based on semi classical Hindustani music which is the basic distinct of any music. And for me to work in this genre which every age group listens to no matter young or old is very satisfying.” Other than his own compositions he like to follow Madan Mohan, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Harold Gerrard and in younger ones AR Rehman, John Meyer, and Avril Lavinge.

No matter how much one tries but if famous, he has his own share of controversies. Few days back in an award ceremony he had a little tiff with Salman Khan on stage when the “Being Human” interrupted his acceptance speech. “Everything was in a light heart in the spur of the moment from both side, whatever it was, you saw it on television. There is nothing else but admiration and respect for the man. It was all sorted on the stage itself,” playing safe the performer. Furthermore, it was the talk of the town that he will sing only his composed songs. Making things clear, “That’s because I am primarily a music director and do not see myself as a vocalist and I didn’t mean that I won’t sing at all but right now I am completely focused in composing music. But if some songs comes up which is suitable to my voice then I will definitely sing.”

Interestingly there is another twist in the story when he gives the credit of his well being. “I was born in a Hindu family but now I follow Christianity and I think it is one of main reason of my success. In 2009, I was going through the phase of life where you are trying to understand the calling and purpose of your existence. That’s when I was introduced to Bible and after that many things changed. I have chosen to follow Christ irrespective of sect and creed.” Little bit confusing but what can we say, this topic has been confusing even to scholars and intellectuals for ages, as they say they live by faith not by sight. Though he continues, “After meeting Christ I have realized one thing – there is no greater success then happiness. If a person is happy he is the most successful person in the world. For me it was more of role model that I was looking for. I was inspired by the persona of who the Christ is, I like to emulate the way he do things and speak. And that makes me happy!” Along with that he acknowledges the poet-lyricist Sayeed Qadri for introducing him to the world of poetry.

At this young age he has already achieved a lot in his musical career so what is he now looking up to? “I have been working for last nine years and I think that is one of the greatest blessings I have received. In this brief amount of time I have matured a lot with share of my mistakes. And I am quite happy with where I am today! I don’t get much time these days but when I do I would love to get back to skate-boarding, I used to be very good in it.” Slowly he is coming to his grooves as talks about the things he love to do. “I am a nature person, I find it very interesting. I love the concept of flowing river, concept of creation, how animals communicate with each other, how birds flock together, who teach and leads them. How two elephants communicate among them with the vibration when they walk?” But quickly he comes back to business, “Right now, I am eagerly looking forward at my soundtrack with Mohit Suri for film called Ek Villian. After that my sound track for Creature and very soon I will be doing my solo concert!” Looks like everything is all set for this young tunesmith, way to go!


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