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Brazil lost but my Dad wins!

 bra vs ger

There you are much anticipated World Cup 2014 semi-final match – Brazil v/s Germany. Neymar is out because of injury, will his team-mates come out from his shadow, and also will they miss the service of their suspended captain Silva. Will Klose score his 16th goal to become all time leading scorer in the World Cup, how many times will Muller hit the net who is running for Golden Boot and what not. After all two former champions are in the draw! Too many questions to be answered which will only when the clock will strike 01:30 hrs (IST).

Out here I am also excited about the game and so is my football watching partner, my dad, 2500 Kms away back home in Manipur. Thus the plan is, I will go home early as soon as possible, eat whatever I can, set the alarm and go to sleep. As next day I have to be fresh at the work and log-in on time or else cut in my salary (damn wish I was Brazilian or was filthy rich). And dad, “I got to go to the site tomorrow for some official work so need to sleep. Give me a buzz just five minutes ahead of the game.” Ahh! That reminds me of USA World Cup ’94 with the same timing problem, which I watched with him. Two things I still remember clearly about that tournament, the heart break when stylish Italian with ponytail Roberto Baggio missed the decisive penalty shoot and secondly every night waking him up just before the match and making tea for us in the interval.

Five minutes to the game, men’s word gave a call. “Thanks! You too have fun watching with sisters and here I will with mom,” to which both of us know that we won’t. As the ladies are more concerned about looks and style or how madly that stupid opponent tackled their favorite player or how tired they must be but nothing about the game. “By the way whom are you supporting?” quickly I asked because he never had or has a favorite but it depends on the day and his mood. “Obviously Brazil!” says the boss with full confidence. There you go referee blows the whistle and bang! 1…2…3 goals!

Am I watching World Cup semi-final match or some local team against international? At least give me a decent match to remember and to tell my kids about it. Then rings my phone, “Son I am going to change my side. It’s Germany now.” Good enough let’s get back to the match and there the Germans just before half time, 4th and 5th goal. Again rings my phone and I know its dad, “Your team is hopeless, no chance they are going to win from here. I better go and sleep. Ha ha ha!” Well that’s my dad who was never a football player but a football-fan of winning team, so his team has never ever lost. And we all know what happen to the Brazil, 7-1!


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