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Wearing a Piece of History


Gone are the days where one wears wrist watch to keep up with time rather it has become a piece to showcase one’s social status or taste. Taking forward the idea Jaipur Watch Company (JWC) has come up with coin-watches which gives you an option to wear a piece of history strapped on your wrist. The brainchild behind this venture is Gaurav Mehta who got the idea from his childhood hobby, “I used to collect coins, and when I grew up I had a passion for watches. One fine day out of curiosity I thought of combining the coin and the watch, I took my watch and fixed a coin on it. It was for my personal use but soon it started grabbing attention and became a conversation piece among friends. This gave me the confidence and the idea to combine the history of coins with Horology and start a new range.”

One need not be worried about the authenticity of a coin as all coins are procured from the collectors of Numismatics Societies. The watchmaker explains the whole process that goes into the making, “All watches are assembled in Jaipur and parts are sourced from various places. Like machine is imported from Japan, cases are developed according to our design and specs in Hongkong.” Though the whole thing looks and sounds really interesting but he also understands the responsibility towards handling a piece of history. “We get requests to create dials out of medallions and rare coins which we politely turn down. We say a medal should be framed, not made into a dial. The coins that we use are the ones that are multiple in numbers, so I don’t feel bad turning them into dials. Besides that, even people who are not collectors of coins get an opportunity to get a feel of history,” says the thirty years old horologer who is planning to launch two more watches using one piece coin and Queen Victoria coin which will have Swiss movements.

(Published in Society Aug ’14, Page No.17)


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