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A Different Color of Milk


Well if you are a vegetarian who drinks milk and think that you are better than the meat-eaters then hang on. Hear what Abhinav Srihan has to say on this matter. He is the brainchild behind the group called Fauna Police which started in 2010 to address the human threat to animals and environment. “Like every mammal, cows and buffaloes lactate when they produce a baby. So much is the demand that in order to get more milk they are artificially inseminated to conceive even when they are still milking from the previous childbirth. It is a normal practice in dairy industry to separate calves from mothers and rear them separately. And many a times, even colostrums (first milk which has immunity building properties) is denied to calves and is used to make sweets. On top of that milk is not fed from the mother’s udders but in buckets. This is done in order to avoid any situation where mother would only release milk after initial stimulation by the calf.” Now if that doesn’t give you goose bumps then read on. “In some cases mother refuses to release milk, especially buffalo, without seeing the calf then they are injected with a banned drug called ‘Oxytocin’. This drug creates painful muscular tension in the body forcing animals to release milk. Often it is injected twice a day, which leads to medical-complications like low conception rate, leading to their early departure from the dairy as no baby equals to no milk. Ultimate they are of no use so they end up in slaughter house for meat and leather.”

This Delhi based thirty-one years old crusader Abhinav Srihan shares how it all started, “My love for birds and animals started from childhood with rescuing road hit and taking care of stray pups and abandoned birds. I used to send them to nearest shelters and was always curious to know what happen to them after that. That’s when I met some senior ornithologist and former aviculturist and finally decided to set up an aviary at my terrace.” He himself practice vegan which is abstaining from any animal product. If that doesn’t convince you, here is a dare for you. You just need to watch their short film on atrocities done on cows by human beings and drink a glass of milk. What say? A recent example is of Digambar Jain Muni Shri Viharsh Sagar ji who decided to quit milk after he saw the pictures and stories of horror faced by dairy animals.

(Published in Society Sept ’14, Page No.13)


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