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Cleavage at the Stop

Bus Stop

Cleavage at the Stop

(A true story that made me think WHAT IS IT, in memory of my four years in Nehru Place)

It was a long day at the work and everything was in slow motion. That stupid clock on the wall was taking eternity to hit the 6 which will make 5:30 pm, my log-out time. Slowly gradually it was dragging on and finally it did! I switched off my computer, took my bag, and a home run towards the punching-machine. Peep! Thank you says the machine and I said bye-bye. Then tink, tink ….. Why do all the elevators has to be on the ground level when you are on the top level. An old building is my office on the 15th floor and so is the elevator which can stop anywhere, after all it belongs to a democratic country. Like once it stopped between the two floors, one is confused to climb up or to climb down. Sometimes it opens and you literally find wall on your face. And if that was not enough, it has Titanic movie’s theme song playing. Every day when I step out from that steel box that’s my Neil Armstrong moment – safely landed!

Here I am at the bus-stop, playing numerical game – waiting for 442, 529, and 724! It was little crowded today, especially where I was sitting. Never mind, I was looking for my beloved Lady in Red (DTC Bus) but a big man came standing blocking my view. I changed my position, going a little further but another fellow was walking to and fro in front of me. What is going on today? Wait a moment! Why everybody is looking towards me? I slowly checked if my fly was open – nope everything intact. Anything on my face or left-overs after nose-picking – nope all clean and clear. Did I step on shit? Nah! Shoes is fine, I can even see my reflection. All that was left for me to do was giving back an angry look. But hardly bothered, so WHAT IS IT?

Yeah, why is all around me like flies around freshly arrived dung. It was getting my nerves which awaken Sherlock Homes in me. I calmed downed myself and took a deep breath, tried concentrating on the eye-balls that was hovering like space-ship around the mother-ship. After a good calculation I found out that there was a slight deviation in the angle from the subject. It was not me but the lady sitting next to me who is the object of attraction. She is so much into her cell phone that anytime she might be pull inside the cyber world like that in Matrix. Glad I was that nothing wrong with me but again, WHAT IS IT with this lady that everybody is looking at her?

I also joined them and turned over to give a proper second look. Alas, a low cut dress which is giving a good view of her mammary gland. Hang on! Don’t unleash your wild horses. Just that she was bending over a little too much, only god knows what she was reading or looking at in her phone, and by my calculation only one-fourth of the glands were visible. But my goodness the commotion around it was 100%. There is this man who is like born with twisted neck which was never straight. Another searching for something he lost between them. This one must be a doctor with special power, x-ray vision detecting for any cancerous tumor. An environmentalist pulling down all the leaves from a tree nearby and eyes fixed. If mutation (or is it adaption) really happens this one sitting on the other side will become a giraffe, making his neck long as much as he can. Man in formals talking on phone, seriously reading all the turns and conditions. This one cross all the limits, for him bus was going to pop-out from their and he is going to hop in, if only there was a seating.

Now that the puzzle is solved WHAT IS IT, there is another big WHAT IS IT. All this time didn’t she ever realize the entire hullabaloo going around her or even a breeze of air from the zooming vehicles on the road touch her heart and make skin cold? Was it intentional or was she reading the news on recent death-sentence of Delhi rape culprits. But one thing I am sure and I saw it, the power of Cleavage at the Stop!


2 comments on “Cleavage at the Stop

  1. Ringkhan
    June 16, 2015

    “man who is like born with twisted neck which was never straight”…. tats right…. BULLSEYE!!

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