Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Cafe Why Not, Satya Niketan, Delhi

1422454_10206036443323450_5408265492462012342_nThis billboard grab my attention “Cafe Why Not” and so yes why not try out this new restaurant!! Not much expectations but I must say it was a pleasant surprise. Ambience of this new outlet is quite spacious in comparison to most of the café in and around Satya Niketan. They were screening live India-Bangladesh cricket test match on one side of the wall, which indeed can be a perfect to place to watch some important events or sports (unfortunate no liquor, as it is just next to Venky College).
Coming to the most important part – Food. It started with a welcome drink – Orange and Lemon in tiny glass. Then we ordered Shanghai Chicken Pizza – for which they used thin crust bread cooked in wood fire oven, adding a nice smoky flavor to the pizza. Then it was time for some Indian cuisine – Murg Tikka Butter Masala with Roomali Roti served with salad and green Chutney. Gulping down all these with Fresh Lime Soda and Root Beer which was served in interesting jar.
Overall, it was a good experience and won’t mind referring to others or going myself again.


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