Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

NYC Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur, Delhi

radission blu.jpg

If you are around Delhi Airport to pick up or drop somebody and hungry, this is the place for you. A lot of the things are there in the menu but one thing caught my attention – Grilled Tenderloin. I had my doubts, firstly it is in the non-vegetarian main course section and secondly was wondering how it is going to taste like, as we are in a country where beef eating is not much accepted. Well then it was worth trying-out before the new government put ban on beef (no offence to anybody just talking for my taste bud and my friend who went against her religion).
To my surprise it was a big chunk of meat, nicely cooked but just need little more marinating. And perfectly complementing was grilled vegetables and steamed potato with butter. Enjoy your meal with view of swimming pool on one side, unfortunately for me it was gang of aunties in t-shirt. Talking about interiors, it is just next to entrance so open and not much walls. A nice place to hang out but not for romantic or top-secret meetings!


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