Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

Rollmaal, Defence Colony, Delhi


If you are looking for aasli maal in your spring-roll then go to Rollmaal. Good thing about this joint is that you can actually make your own rolls (don’t take it literally you are not going in the kitchen but just tell them) – pick the bread or the wrapper for the roll and fillings of your choice. I went for Rumaali Style Roti for Achaari Chicken Tikka and Kathi Style Crisp Paratha for Purani Dilli Seekh Kebab. Along with that some Side ka Maal – Masala Fries and for Peeney ka Maal – Masala Chai.
Making things more interesting is the ambience – old Hindi film posters on the wall, olden metallic loud speakers, oil drums as side table, rubber horns and in the background classic Hindi film songs. It takes you to totally different world. Won’t say bad but funny was the uniform for staffs, they look more like postman, and there were less seatings as they are more into takeaway. At the end, for a change it was a good pocket friendly masale-dar experience!


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