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Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto – Asia’s largest Baptist Church


The moment I heard – Asia’s largest Baptist church was going to be dedicated on 22nd April 2017, I made sure to be there. Finally the day arrived, we started from Kohima main town, passing Poghoboto. Alerted by everybody that it was not going to be smooth five or six hours ride. However, thanks to my F1 driver Lipok, we made it in four and half hours. So you can imagine the ride! 20170423_162722

As we slowly enter the town, on the hilltop can see the church which looks more like a palace in fairy tales or Disney movies. On the city gate it is written ‘100 years of Christianity’ but the roads are older than century, really need a makeover.  Looking on the brighter side, reached the church compound and then the entrance – All marble, nine storey high ceilings with chandelier and wonderfully decorated with fresh flowers gifted by Mao Flower Growers’ Association. Poland made bell was rung to start off the event, though it sounds just like every next bell I have heard in my life. Ribbon was cut by Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi, General Secretary CBCNEI and spoke about coming to God’s house with thanksgiving. Finally, 36 Crore building with 27 rooms was officially opened to public with colorful umbrella dance by the kids. There was excitement in the air and everyone spoke with pride starting from Senior Pastor Rev. S. Yevito Sumi to Mr. Kughaho Jimomi, Chairman Deacon Council. After all as they said it was build with love, labour and contribution from the church members.

20170423_133936.jpgLast but not the least and my favourite part – food. Nothing out of the box but very Naga cuisine was served. Dishes which steal the show was Pig head for looks and Mithun – curry and deep fried for the taste. All went well except the rain, it showered continuously with heavy wind for two days. Being positive we took it as Shower of Blessings! However on the way back due to too much blessing it was not just bumpy but slippery ride also. We skid and got one wheel hanging off the road, we were really counting our blessing. And to add to the misery car broke down just after we put it back on the track. All the time saved on arrival was well spent on departure, so it ended up in eight hours trip. Finally we are home blessed and stronger like Arnold, “I am back!”



One comment on “Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto – Asia’s largest Baptist Church

  1. Songamla Khayi
    April 29, 2017

    Arnold. Hahaha

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