Ngathingpei Khayi

You can make anything by writing – CS Lewis

It was all LOVE!


After Sunday service I was walking out from the church along with the congregation, just behind uncle Ayo. And there at the door I saw silhouette of auntie Ningam (uncle Ayo’s wife), easy to make it out from her short haircut. Looks like she was waiting for him only, the moment she saw him there was glow in her eyes and a beautiful smile on face. Calmly she took out her hands towards him and slowly he takes it, as they shake hands without a word but a mischievous grin. As I cross them, I can see the same glow and affection in his eyes.

What was it, couldn’t help myself but ask why they were shaking hands? As far as I could remember there was no special presentation from them in today’s service also. Again, both didn’t say a word but shared a beautiful laugh.  Though they didn’t tell me what but am sure it was all LOVE!


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